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Interest-Based Advertising Policy


Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange clients, please refer to the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange Program Guidelines.

Under the Google Interest Based Advertising Program (the "Program"), Google will endeavor to enable you to serve advertisements to Users (i) who are on your Remarketing Lists and (ii) based on Google-defined (a) interest categories or (b) similar audiences. The following policies only apply to these Program participants.


"User" means a unique instance of a browser, application or similar technology.

"User Cookie" means the User identifier (of which a cookie is one example) associated with a User for remarketing or similar audiences.

"Remarketing Lists" means a list of User Cookies created or otherwise obtained by you and used in connection with remarketing or similar audiences.

"Similar Audiences Lists" means a list of Users created by Google based on a Remarketing List for use in connection with similar audiences.

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