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  REVIEWS by INTERNATIONAL Dealers / Distributors from:

  Dehradun (Uttarakhand),


Mr. Yury Rahubin

From: Mr. Yury Rahubin, Moscow, RUSSIA. (22/8/2013)
Girmes company is the gem, I am so grateful to mighty universe to put me in touch with them. Everything has been super reliable and accommodating. Myself and all my clients are amused with the quality of the product, it sure beats the rest of producers I have tried. The product healed a lot of my patients as well as raised up my value in their eyes, which is super important for any health therapists and their credibility.

Being a wheatgrass researcher and owner of the organic-certified company that produces nutraceuticals, I do believe this is a #1 product in the world and Girmes company has set the standard for what the powdered Wheatgrass really should be like. I am fully proud to be Girme’s approved distributor – I have been treated like the member of the family although we have not ever met yet; I look forward to the long-term development both personally and professionally.

I do thank the CEO Mr. Hemant, he is always on top of the business, joy to deal with and definitely a wise businessman / visionary. I am also grateful to his father for laying down years of his life into the foundation of Girmes’ company. The Management has been remarkable as well, both Ms. Neelima and Ms. Meghna are the face of the company, alike attracts alike – they match the standards set by the founder and Mr. Hemant and the over company/product quality. They have not once been late or not attending to my needs. I highly recommend anybody to work with this outstanding company both on the product and services level. God bless your company and your team for bringing such important product and service to the world!

Mr. Braucic Bogdan

From. Mr. Braucic Bogdan, Bali – INDONASIA. (20/8/2012) http://wheatgrassindonesia.com

Our company CV Authentic - Wheatgrass Indonesia is dealer of Girme's Organic Wheatgrass Powder for Indonesia since May 2011. We become to work with Girme's and found that they have professional service and the quickest response.

The product is very good and with all Organic certification which make product stand up from others.Company doing great job for dealers providing all promotional materials: marketing guides, manual book, handbills, posters, brochures, banners, etc. Our customers are really happy to use it and is no complain about quality. Great product.


Mr. Ahmed Kaley
By: Mr. Ahmed Kaley – MD: Health and Wealth, Dubai, UAE. http://globalnatureshealing.com/

I have been  dealing with natural health produtcs since 2001 when I resigned from the Pharmaceutical Industry. When My partner Mr Waleed joined me we wanted to diversfiy the range of our products. Knowing the immense health benefits of wheat grass it was only a logical move to include it in our range of natural health products. We spent sometimes searching for the right company around the world and we are happy that we chose Girmes Wheatgrass.

The Company led by Mr. Hemant Girme and his team are very proffessional and dedicated with high quality product and services. We are very happy to be associated with them and would recommend and any one to look into possiblity of going into business with them.


Mr. Leonard Sitamze

From: Mr. Leonard Sitamze, Director of Sileo Company, Kenya. (09/7/2013)

I have been selling local & imported Wheat Grass products since long but my customers were not happy with the results. At that point a nutritionist from my city by the name Ms. J. Nkatha Mwenda suggested that I try Girme’s Wheatgrass from India. We did a trial order in July 2013 & observed that the taste & results were of higher quality as compared to all that I had been using earlier. Since then I established a business relationship with Girme’s Wheatgrass and am very happy with the decision. I have suggetsed this Wheat Grass in combination with Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt to many of my customers & it has help them combat various disease such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heartburn, ulcer, etc. I highly appreciate the sincerirty in quality & service of Girmes Wheatgrass.


Mr. P. K. Gupta From: Mr. P. K. Gupta, Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India. (29/04/2013)
I have been promoting Girmes Wheatgrass since 2006 and having overall POSITIVE EFFECTS. Yes it had helped lot of people suffering from diseases such as to increase Haemoglobin or Red Blood count, Anemia, Weight Loss, overcome chronic diseases, Detoxification, helps in Cancer.....

Girmes Wheatgrass is unbeatable. Company support is very good in termes of business development & they stick to there commitments.


Yogi Padma Anand

From: Yogi Padma Anand, Real Yog Therapies Inc, New Delhi, INDIA.

We have been using & promoting Girme’s Wheatgrass Powder for therapeutic use since 2007. 

We find it immense beneficial to our patients of Diabetes, Anemia, Thalassemia, Obesity, Arthritic, Skin Allergies, Fatigue, Low level of energy, Indigestive disorders, Ulcer, Kidney problems, Cancer, etc.

Girme’s Wheatgrass Powder is one of the world’s Best Brands. Since they have USDA & India Organic Certificate, Girmes Wheatgrass Powder stands UNIQUE and more effective than other brand similar product.

As a Dealer we get professional supports for business development from Girmes by way of prompt door step delivery by courier, promotional materials: marketing guides, manual book, hand bills, posters, brochures, banners, etc.

On a basis of 1 to 5, we will give 5 Y to Girme’s Wheatgrass company.


Mr. Heeralal From: Mr. Heeralal, City- Rajahamundry, State Andhra Pradesh, India.
I am dealing with this product since 2007 and have got positive response with repeat orders for Girmes Wheatgrass powder from persons to increase red blood count in Anemia, kidney dialysis, acidity and ulcers, detoxification, for liver and kidney cleanse and to increasing body resistance power.

Girmes Wheatgrass is an excellent natural product unmatched by any competitors as the company takes       utmost care in preparing the product and concentrating on only single product. There has been almost nil complaints to whomsoever i have recommended. I have a great belief in this product.

Girmes Wheatgrass team has given a great support regarding its marketing strategy and in supply of marketing brochures, perfect call, email and SMS responses. I appreciate their straight forward business development plans.


By: Mrs. Urvashi, Director - Nature Greens, Ontario, Canada. (09/11/2013) www.organicwheatgrasspowder.ca

Our family has been taking Girmes Wheat Grass powder regularly for the last 4 years and experienced its benefits for Increase in hemoglobin & energy levels, Improved hemoglobin levels.

Reliable Quality: Girmes Wheat Grass powder is certified organic by well known International certifying bodies. This offers us peace of mind and an assurance regarding the quality of Girmes Wheatgrass, especially at a time when chemicals and pesticides are being increasingly used in agricultural production around the world.

A pleasing taste and smell: Of the several wheatgrass powders we have tried in the market, Girmes Wheatgrass powder by far tastes the best. The other wheatgrass powders available in the market that we have tried have ranged from tasting coffee like to being bitter.


By: Abu Osama Al-Suleimi Trading, Muscat, OMAN. http://goorganicoman.com

Girmes Wheatgrass is a family owned business based on vision of serving mankind with a health product of international quality. We have found dealing with them always pleasurable and professional. They are very technological advanced and always reachable from any part of world. We have full trust on success of their product as well as company.


By: Ms. Honey Dargan, Singapore. http://organicwheatgrass.com.sg/

I have been a dealer for less than a year so I will have more to say in due course as my clientele increases.

As a user of of Girmes Wheat Grass Powder, I have noticed an increase in energy levels from the first day onward. I believe in living a healthy life style as such have been a consistent user of Girmes wheatgrass. Not only have my migraine headaches disappeared I am also sleeping better than I have ever before. Now my entire family is using this product which is of the highest quality.

The benifits of taking wheatgrass are endless and all of them cannot be listed here. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to lead a healthy life style. I am glad to be a distributer for Singapore and have many new and repeat customers. Wishing every one a long and healthy life.

From: DE MIGHTY OPTIMIST GOODWAY, Douala, Republic of Cameroon (22/8/2013)

I am glad and feel great working with you as an Dealer with the respect of your product in terms of its international quality, packaging, prompt and good staff services. Girmes Wheat Grass Powder is showing very good results to customers suffering from Cancer and Diabetes.



From: Rev. Father Robin Mantode, Divine Natures Cure, Pune, INDIA. http://www.wheatgrasspowder.in/

I have been promoting Girmes Wheatgrass Powder since July 2010 & have found them to be the best with respect to quality & service. My client’s data base is from all over India & a few in abroad. I keep getting very good feedback from my customers about the product being effective especially in blood & digestion related health problems. Eg. for detoxification, purification of blood, reduce side effects of medication, etc.

Girmes Wheatgrass does fresh production daily of organic & export quality Wheat Grass Powder. The best thing is they can ship in small quantity by courier & give us door delivery. Girmes Wheatgrass is a blessing towards good health.


From: J.SURYA RAO, Ganjam, Orissa, India. (28/8/2013)

I am agree to start this opportunity as a Super Dealer. I respect the company for its service. I am a herbal therapist for the last 15 years.I can give my full time for Wheatgrass awareness. My heartly thanks to the great HEALER who is healing by wheatgrass to the millions of people. Wheatgrass therapy is a Godly service and I love to share this herbal Amrit (Panacia / Elixir) with everyone.


From: Dr. Shreekumar Katribail, Satyasai Ayur Centre, Puttur – 574313, Karnataka.

Wheatgrass has made a revolution at our place. I am using it in my clinic and distributing to drug houses. This product is being used by a variety of patients like Diabetes, Gastritis, Arthritis, Alzymers disease, Anaemia etc (and they have shown improvement).


From: Rakesh Chandra, Prakruti Arogya Kendra, Viman Nagar, Pune, India.

There is a person having HIV+ took it for  a year and his all the reports are normal but he is not ready to reveal his name and details as he is working in a reputed company on reputed position, has kids and want to hide it.



I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession but have been fond of Naturopathy, Yoga, etc for the cure of diseases I am also propagating Self Urine Therapy. It is my interest to find natural remedies for the cure of chronic diseases of friends & relatives.

Fresh Wheat Grass juice first I used about 6 months back for my Physical Weakness and had fantastic experience. I was reading for benefits of the wheat grass at the internet and come to know about the Wheat Grass Powder of yours. I have read many articles about Wheat Grass from internet. I then used Girmes Wheatgrass from a Dealer in Delhi & many of my friends are asking for it. (The positive results have motivated me and) I do think that I can propagate this Wheat Grass Powder in my city of Ghaziabad. Let me know the Dealership terms.


From: Mr. Hokugha Zhimomi, Dimapur, State- Nagaland, India.

I'm having interesting experience with my Girmes Wheatgrass consumers. The bottom line is that the reports are encouraging & positive from every angle. This morning too one has come & taken for his diabetic mother (continuing) & also for his friend. Another lady is taking for herself & specially for her mother who has been having blood transfusion & the feedback is that it has been very helpful . I had presented some to our preachers & it has helped in their general health complaints & High blood pressure too. Over all, results from diabetics are quite prompt & effective so far.



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